Get Free Cashback on Google Pay: Google Pay Mango Fest

Google Pay Mango fest is live now till 4th June 2023; a simple way to earn free Google Pay cashback. It's available under Indie-home section. Also, you can Mango fest banner on Gpay app. Read on to know how to play Gpay Mango fest and earn free cashback. It's simple and stragight forward.

What Gpay Mango Fest

The Google Pay Mango Fest is a special offer that allows users to earn cashback on mango purchases. The offer is valid from May 22nd to June 4th 2023.

To participate in the Mango fest, users must first download the Google Pay app and create an account. Once they have created an account, they can start collecting mangoes with friends.

Once you receive 200 mangoes, you will have a chance to win upto ₹100 cashback for free.

How to Collect Mangoes

  1. Bonus Mangoes: Visit Mango fest and you will receive bonus 5 mangoes and additional mangoes when you play for first time.

  2. visit mango fest
    play mango fest

  3. Ask friends for help:: This is a fastest way to collect mangoes; click on ask for friend for help and your friend wil receive a notification. When he/she will help you, you will get free mangoes. Like this;

  4. ask help mango fest
    help mango

  5. Reward history: You can check your reward history by navigating here.

  6. check mango reward history

  7. Collect 200 manoges and earn Cashback: Collect 200 mangoes before the gest get ended, and you will receive a scratch card that you can redeem to win upto 100 cash back.

Ways to Earn Mangoes & Offer Period

  • Ask friends to pick mangoes with you.
  • Get Upto Rs.100 Cashback once you pick 200 mangoes.
  • Enjoy bonus mangoes when you play Mango Match!
  • Pick 200 mangoes with friends by 4 June to get upto Rs.100 cashback.
  • You can ask as many friends as you want to help you pick mangoes, byt mangoes will only be added to your total if they decide to help you. Friends you ask can only help you pick magoes once during the campaign period.
  • Mangoe Fest rewards will be given after you have successfully collected 200 mangoes.
  • Any reward you earn will be added to your rewards channel.
  • Scratch cards you earn will expire in 45 days after you receive them, if not scratched.
  • Any cashback you earn will be added to you UPI-enabled bank account linked to Google Pay. Your cashback will expire after 45 days if you do not have an account linked, or if issue with your linked account prevent cashback from being added.
  • You can earn upto a total of Rs.9000 per financial year (1 April to 31 March), across all google Pay offers.