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Amazon Quiz Answers Today (31st May 2023)

Which country has shut down its last three nuclear power plants in April 2023?


In 2023, which Delhi Capitals player became the fastest batsman to score 6000 runs in IPL?

David Warner

Nandini Gupta, who has been crowned as Femina Miss India 2023, belongs to which state?


Where is the oldest tree of this fruit found in India?

East Khandesh

This animal represents which direction in China?


LG AC Quiz

Which is of these brands Introduce 1st Air Conditioner with AI+ Dual Cool Inverter?


Which type of Compressor is used in LG AC?

Dual Rotary

Why is LG AI+ DUAL Inverter Air Conditioner a good choice?

All of the above

What are the sizes of LG air conditioners that are available ?

All of the above

What are the external benefits you can avail when you buy an Air Conditioner on Amazon ?

All of the above

Cheer for all Sports! Quiz

Which sport is Mary Kom associated with?


In which event did Neeraj Chopra win Olympics Gold?

Javelin throw

Which sport is Saina Nehwal associated with?


Which material is used for making table tennis balls?


The sportsperson Geeta Phogat is associated with which of the following games?


All About Funzone Quiz

You can play more games and win exciting rewards by searching ______ on Amazon app.

All of the above

You can find Funzone by clicking on the Menu button - True or false?


What all among the following, can customers win by playing games on FunZone?

All of the above

What was the biggest prize given so far on FunZone?

Honda City Car

Amazon Redmi A2 quiz

Redmi A2 Series comes with which of the following processor?

Octa-core Helio G36

What are the color names for Redmi A2 Series?

All of the above

Redmi ka double bharosa stands for:

All of the above

Redmi A2 has a stylish __________

Leather Textured Design

Redmi A2 hosts a massive ______ mAh battery


Realme Narzo N53 Quiz

What does the "N" in the upcoming narzo series stand for?


How thin will the realme narzo N53 be?


How many watts of charging is the realme narzo N53 equipped with?


When was the first realme narzo launched in India?


How many phones have been released by realme narzo so far?


Lava Agni 2 Quiz

Agni 2 is India’s First device to have ________ processor.

MediaTek Dimensity 7050

Agni 2 offers an immersive viewing experience with:

Curved 3D AMOLED FHD+ Display

Agni 2 is a gamer’s delight boasting which of the following features:

All of the above

Agni 2 can charge ~50% battery in ______ .

Less than 16 minutes with 66W Fast Charging Technology

Agni 2 offers

Big 1.0um Pixel 50MP Quad Camera

Samsung Washing Machine Quiz

What does Eco-bubble mean ?

Bubbles penetrate your clothes to remove dirt from fabric for a gentle but powerful wash with energy savings upto 73%

What does the AI Feature in the AI Eco-bubble do ?

It personalizes your experience by remembering habits, suggesting cycles and displaying timely information. SmartThings App offers advice on cycles, planning and troubleshooting.

What does the Hygiene Steam feature do?

Hygiene Steam gives clothes a deep, hygienic clean with steam. This removes ingrained grime, 99.9% of bacteria* and inactivate allergens derived from house dust mite in the laundry.

What does the WiFi feature do?

The SmartThings App lets you remotely control and monitor it with a touch. Using a voice recognition assistant Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant you can control it from anywhere

How long is the Warranty Period on the Motor?

2 Year Comprehensive Warranty on Product, 20 Years Warranty on Motor

Samsung Crystal iSmart Quiz

You can do video calling through SlimFit Camera on Crystal 4K iSmart TV


How does Light Sensor work in Crystal 4K iSmart TV?

Detects changes in room illuminance to optimize viewing environment (switch on smart light in a dark room)

How does Camera Sensor work in Crystal 4K iSmart TV?

The owner receives alerts when intrusion is detected and can monitor home safety with a SlimFit camera.

How many True colors can be viewed in Crystal 4K iSmart TV?

One Billion True Colors

What is OTS Lite Technology in Crystal 4K iSmart TV?

It has an object-tracking sound which tracks the movement of objects on the screen and produces sound in locations that match what the viewer sees on screen using multi-channel speakers, delivering a dynamic 3D-like sound

LAVA Blaze 2 Quiz

Blaze 2 – The fastest phone in the segment* has _________ AnTuTu Score:


Blaze 2 Offers ______ charging:


Blaze 2 offers:

6GB RAM and 128 GB UFS 2.2 ROM

Blaze 2 (6GB+128GB) offers:

All of the above

Blaze 2 comes in _________

Premium Glass Back design with 90Hz Punch-hole Display

Luminous Energizing India Quiz Answers

Luminous is the title sponsor for which IPL team?

Rajasthan Royals

Which among these is the No. 1 inverter brand in India?


Luminous inverter & battery is used for?

Uninterrupted power backup

What helps in charging your inverters super-fast?

Luminous batteries

If there are long power cuts, what should you buy?

Luminous Inverter & Battery

Frequently Asekd Questions

How can I win a Prize?

  • You can win a prize after playing a game that can offer you either a guaranteed prize or a chance to enter the lucky draw.

  • In case of "Better luck next time" you will not be eligible to win any reward from that game.

  • To win or enter lucky draw, you must answer all the questions of a Quiz correctly.

  • In case of other games like Spin & Win, Tap & Win, FunZone Jackpot, to win the prize/enter the lucky draw, you must answer the mandatory question correctly.

  • Some games like Bottle Shooter, Road Master, Bubble Wipeout offer no rewards.

Does entering the lucky draw guarantee a win?

No, entering the lucky draw does not guarantee a win. It means that you have been added to a list of customers who are all eligible to win. Winners are randomly chosen from this list of customers without any human intervention.

How do l know ift have won a game?

  • All lucky draw winners are sent SMS / E-mail / notification to intimate their win.

  • Alternately, you can search for 'funzone' and click on 'Lucky Draw Winners' tab and select the month and the contest name that you participated in to search for your name.

  • Guaranteed winners of Amazon Pay Balance receive SMS (on the registered mobile number) within 48hrs once the amount is credited in their Amazon Pay wallet.

  • Guaranteed winners of discount coupon(s) can collect their coupon at the end of the gameplay or visit 'Your rewards' section on the Amazon Pay page to collect the coupon(s).

When & where are lucky draw winners announced on Amazon?

Lucky draw winners are announced one day after the contest ends on the 'Lucky Draw Winners' section on the FunZone page. To visit this page, simple search for 'funzone' in the search bar or ask Alexa 'Alexa, go to games!'

How can I claim my prize?

Click on the link received in the SMS/notification/e-mail to claim the prize and acknowledge 'Terms & conditions' after reading them. • Note: Winners should claim the prize within 7 days of receiving the confirmation email/SMS in order to receive the prize.

By when will I receive the prize after claiming?

  • Winners will receive their prizes as per the 'Delivery date' mentioned on the winner announcement page for every contest.
  • Additionally, the delivery date is also mentioned in the Terms & conditions for each game. Note: Generally, Amazon Pay balance is credited in Amazon Pay wallet within 5 to 7 working days of the contest end date. In case of a product, it could take up to 45 days for the product to be delivered to your address.

What steps do I need to take for my prize to be delivered on time?

  • For vou to receive your prize on time, please ensure that your phone number and e-mail ID are updated in your Amazon account as the winners are notified via SMS or e-mail.
  • Once you receive the e-mail, please claim your prize within 7 days of receiving the mail/SMS/ notification and mention correct shipping address, pin-code and phone number. © Note: The shipping address cannot be changed once submitted by you. In case your pin-code is not serviceable, Amazon customer service will connect with you for an alternate shipping address or we will credit equivalent amount in your Amazon Pay wallet.

How can I track my prize?

  • You will receive a notification, SMS and email when your Amazon Pay wallet is credited with the amount you have won.
  • In case of a physical prize, we recommend you to wait till the delivery date mentioned on the winner announcement page for every contest and reach out to Amazon customer service in case the prize is not delivered to the address given by you at the time of claiming.

What do I do if I see my name in winner's list but did not receive any notification?

We send notifications to all winners, however, if you don't receive any SMS or email, you should reach out to customer service for further assistance.

What are some of the best practices that I can follow to have a great game playing experience?

  • Here are some of the steps that you can follow to have a great game playing experience on Amazon • Always log in from your own account to play a game:
  • Make sure your e-mail address and phone number are updated so that we can reach out to you when you win
  • Please update full address and phone number when you claim your prize. This helps us to ship your prizes faster and to the correct location.

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