Flipkart Fake Or Not answers October 17, 2020: Play and win exciting rewards

Flipkart fake or not fake

Flipkart fake or not fake answer today

Flipkart fake or not 17th October answers are now updated below. Play today's daily video quiz on Flipkart app and get a chance to win SuperCoins along with other prizes like Smartphone, Flipkart e-gift voucher etc.

Flipkart Fake or Not answers ' October 17, 2020

1.There are no national highways in Andaman

Ans:- fake

2.It is safe to stand under a tree during a lightening shower

Ans:-not fake

3.India makes the highest number of feature films per year in the world

Ans:-not fake

4.A woman gave birth to babies a few weeks apart

Ans:- not fake

5. Tiger woods hit a golf ball from asia to europe

Ans:- not fake

What is Flipkart fake or not?

It's a video quiz where you will be shown a short video of around 8-9 minute along with questions with two options; fake or not fake, and you have to choose whether particular asked question is fake or not fake.

If you manage to answer all the questions correctly, you will entitled for assured prize like SuperCoins and lucky prizes like Smartphone, e-gift vouchers.

Quiz time

You will play fake or not fake from 12:00AM to 11:59PM, every day.


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