IPL Live streaming free online 2020: Best ways to watch IPL Matches Online [Live Links]

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IPL season has been started, you don't have Hotstar VIP/Premimum, and you might be looking for "how to watch IPL 2020 for free online". Here are a few methods and apps using which you can watch IPL even without taking Hotstar subscription. Let's have a look at some platforms and apps to watch IPL in 2020 for free.

With these tricks, neither you need to pay moeny for Hotstar subscription nor search the links to watch matches daily. Here a working methods that I have tried personally.

Where to watch IPL online in 2020

  1. Disney+ Hotstar(Free subscription trick)
  2. ThopTv/Oreo TV/Pikashow
  3. Twitch
  4. Live links (daily update)
  5. Hotstar trick[Personally Verfied]

1. Disney+ Hostar - Free Subscription

This is a legit way to watch online IPL matches without any interruption. You could get Disney+ Hostar subscription without spending money. The best way to get Disney+ Hotstar is Flipkart SuperCoins. These SuperCoins can be used to get varioud rewards including Disney+ Hotstar VIP and premium subscription. As you can you can around 400 SuperCoins in a month by playing quizzes like fake or not fake, and currnetly running quizzes powerplay with champions, the great India dance of challenge.

Disney+ Hotstar VIP subscription is available at 399 SuperCoins. This is a best way to get free Hotstar VIP plan.

2. ThopTV/OreoTV/Pikashow app

There a few apps like ThopTV/OreoTV and Pikashow where you can stram IPL matches without any subscription. These apps are completely free. Thoptv is great option while Pikashow is also working fine. However, these apps are not available on Playstore, you need to download from Google.

3. Twitch [Best Platform]

Twitch, a popular streaming platform for gamers, you probably heard of it. You can find a number channels steaming IPL matches here. All you need to visit Twitch or download the app from here. Register on Twitch and then search Cricket and you will find many channels here. You can watch matches even without downloading. Just visit twitch.tv and search cricket and you will have a list a channels streaming IPL matches.

How to watch IPL on twitch

  • Go to discover section on Twtich or simply search cricket
  • Now click on cricket
  • You can find a number of channels here

  • However, these channels may block anytime, you can switch to another channel anytime.

5. Live Links

These live links may expire anytime soon!

6. Hotstar trick

  1. Search IPL score
  2. Click watch live
  3. You will be redirected to Hotstar
  4. Watch 5 minute free then disconnect the data connection
  5. Turn on the data connection again and wait a few seconds
  6. Boom! you are watching Hotstar cricket without any subscription
  7. Don't pause or stop the game while watching cricket else you will have to repeat from 4th step


ThopTV, live links and the tricks mentioned in this article may or may not work as they are not legit way to watch IPL online for free. As of now, Twitch is best platform where you can watch IPL matches. I would recommend Twtich is best platform for online free IPL matches. Thoptv is considerable option, but it gets crashed many times due to server overload.

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