Exclusive 90fps PUBG mobile Gameplay to Select Oneplus Phones


There is good news for OnePlus users, now they can play PUBG in 90fps 🔥on select devices between 6th August - 6th September, 2020. This is the first time in the world that PUBG mobile will be available at 90fps on any smartphone.

PUBG 90fps gameplay on OnePlus

With advanced technology and ultra-fast speed, including 120 Hz refresh rates, SD 865 CPU, and Adreno 650 GPU for an elite gaming experience, OnePlus devices are among the best gaming phones. And the new 90fps gameplay surely affects when running, scooping and especially movement.

However, this feature is available on select Oneplus models as mentioned below:

  • OnePlus 7T series
  • OnePlus 7 Pro
  • OnePlus 8

However, the enhancement in frame rates will not be available in Korea, Japan, and China

. pubg 90fps

How to Enable 90fps gameplay on Oneplus

Follow these steps to enable 90fps gameplay on eligible OnePlus devices:

  • Make sure you have updated the game to the latest version
  • Select the smooth under graphics settings in-game
  • You will see a 90fps option there

More fps better gameplay

The highest possible fps gives more advantages to e-sports players and leads to smooth and faster gameplay.

Final words

Since its launch, PUBG mobile has been among the most sought-after battle royale game across the globe. With jaw-dropping and realistic graphics, it has remained "the best" in the smartphone category of online battle royale games.

As far as online multiplayer gaming is concerned, internet speed affects the game to great extent, but, you need to have more than that to have an edge over the competitors.


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