Legit Indian Survey websites: Share your opinion & Get paid

Though paid surveys are mind-draining, you will not enjoy sharing same opinion again-and-again and getting rejected in most surveys (it's very common) the best part is that it is a simplest way to make money. You don't need to have particular academic skills or certificate to participate in surveys.

A list of legitimate Indian survey panels to make money online

How about earning money by providing your opinion to big companies? If you have a lot of time to kill, then you could make your free time rewarding, earning gift vouchers and real cash.

It's not quick-rich scheme, and you will not make very much money either, but earn between INR 2000-5000 every month.

earn money via survey

You probably heard of online paid surveys. Panels like Panel station, Rakuten, India speaks are a few them well-known companies that really pays.

The simple step is to participate in online surveys for money. Many legit websites pay for taking part in surveys. Paid surveys are one of the easiest ways to earn money in less time.

Quick Earning in Less efforts

There are many ways to make money online like blogging, affiliate marketing, freelancing, etc., but you cannot make quick cash with these methods.

On the other hand, with online surveys you get paid in less time. On average, you can redeem your earning daily or weekly with survey sites. Though earning is less, the payout is quick.

How to make money via Survey

Each survey panel has a limited survey based on your profile. So you cannot earn very much from one website. Register on more than 5 survey panels to earn a good amount of money.

To earn good money via surveys, you can register on 4-5 survey panel as you cannot make enough money with one survey.So if you want to earn more, you need sign-up on 4-5 legitimate survey sites that pay cash in India. By doing so, you will probably get 4-5 surveys daily/weekly via SMS/email.

Tip: Dont' rush to question without reading them properly. It may lead to account ban or point deduction. When answering ensure that you are providing correct and honest answer.

Here is a list of a few legitimate surveys panels that really pay money for surveying.

Best Indian Survey Sites to Earn Money

1. Crownit

The best part about Crownit lite is it pays for each survey you complete that sets it apart from other paid survey panels. For each survey you complete, it will pay you random amount upto ₹200, analysing your repsonses. Upon completion, you will receive a Crownit scratch card to win random amount. It will hardly take a week to pay.

Moreover, they send surveys via SMS, so you don't need to check email inbox every time for a new survey. By investing 15-20 minutes daily, you can make around ₹500 per month, depending on how many surveys you receive in a month. Click here for earning proof.

  1. Reward: Paytm cash
  2. Quick Payout
  3. Assured rewards
  4. Low payout


crownit lite reward
crowntit lite reward

2. Panel Station

You probably have heard of panel station from somewhere, a leading survey agency, that best rewards for your opinion. You can earn vouchers and rewards by taking part in Panel station's survey.

Panel Station Referral code: LMKF6P

When registering on Panel station, use this referral code to get bonus 500 points(500 points= ₹50). The panel station gives around ₹40-100 per survey depending how lengthy survey is. You can redeem these points and the opted reward will be sent to your registered email ID within 6-8 weeks.

3. Rakuten Insight

It is a global market research agency for online surveys that give EPoints for the surveys you complete. These Epoints can be redeemed as Paytm cash, Flipkart and Amazon voucher. You will receive Points depending on Survey length. However, you will receive instant EPoints and sometime you will have to wait 8 weeks to get points. Once you earn 100 points you can redeem rewards.

  1. Reward: Flipkart/Amazon gift voucher
  2. Paytm cash
  3. 1 Epoints= INR 1
  4. Minimum redemption ₹100

4. IndiaSpeaks

IndiaSpeaks is a trusted site where you can participate in the surveys and earn Paytm cash in exchange. You can find plenty of surveys in a month and make a good amount. However, the reward redemption takes around 4-6 days. For each survey, you will receive from 20 to 200 points (1 point = ₹1). The minimum redemption amount is ₹200.

  1. Reward:Paytm cash
  2. Plenty of Surveys
  3. Weekly rewards
  4. Good payout


India speaks reward
India speaks reward


When taking online surveys to ensure that you are reading questions carefully. Surveys vary in length, content and time. Overall, an average survey takes around 20-30 minutes and if a survey is more than 20 minute then you will be paid a good amount for that, but, your opinion should be honest.

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