Flipkart Quiz fake or not fake 31st July 2020 Answer| Win assured prize

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Flipkart fake or not fake Answer Today

flipkart quiz answers

In this era, where social platforms have become our prime source of information, we are flooded with the fake news and rumours as anyone can write or share on these platforms. As a result, we also start consuming and sharing a fake piece of content every day.

Flipkart fake quiz is a fun way to get some authentic information. What's more, you will also get a chance to win some exciting prizes by participating in it. All you need to watch the short video session and then you have to answer.

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Like Amazon's daily quiz, you can play this trivia quiz everyday and win prizes daily. The daily prize contains Flipkart's e-Gift upto ₹1000and SuperCoins. The best part is you will get instant prize upon completing the quiz.

What is Flipkart fake or not Quiz?

It is a video quiz where you will be shown a short video clip and during the video, a few questions will be displayed. These question could be related to politics, sports, Bollywood, and current affairs. The questions will be display during the video play with two options: fake or not fake in which you need to select the right option.

How to play?

To participate or play the game you need have Flipkart app installed on your smartphone.

  1. Download the app from here
  2. Login to your Flipkart account
  3. Go to games section
  4. Scroll down and look for Flipkart fake or not banner
  5. Click on that and tap again on play and win to start the game

Flipkart Fake quiz 31st July

Nostradamus had predicted that corona will spread in Italy from China in 2020


Indians spend most of their time reading

Not Fake

CPI leaders protest against India


Badshah wont make remix songs

Not fake

Asian giant hornet bite left people unconscious



  • Flipkart's e-Gift vouchers from ₹50- ₹1000
  • SuperCoins (assured reward)

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