How to earn Cryptocurrency (BAT) through Brave Browser


You probably have heard about Brave browser and if not yet, I am going to tell you what it is. Brave is one of the best apps that gives you free cryptocurrecy for installing it on your phone. You will be awarded with BATs(basic attention tokens).

BAT is a cryptocurrency which you can trade in order to get real cash. In later part of this article, I will let you know how you can encash it in a local currency.

What is a brave browser?

It's a browser (like Google's Chrome) with advanced in-built featurs like ad-blocking, a shield to prevent tracking, firewall +VPN (paid for iOS users), resulting in faster page loading and less battery consumption, that comes up with rewarding program called - Brave rewards - where both the publisher and users earn BATs.

It is one of the best apps for earning real money without investing a single penny.

Recently, I installed this browswer to know whether it really pays or not, and within a 3 months of installation, I managed to earn around 70$ (~₹5000). After using it a couple of weeks my opinion about Brave browswer is following:

  • I have earned around 70 Dollar in around 90 days (see this proof below):

  • brave uphold earning

  • It's my highest earning so far with a such kind of app that claim to give free money.
  • It offer amazing privacy and faster browsing experience, and doesn't drain phone's battery.
  • This browswer is really amazing for browsing as it has powerful ad blocking feature that helps you save data and battery.
  • UI is really great and eye-soothing.
  • It is really faster compared to chrome and firefox.

It is a promising, secure and popular browser, founded by Brendan Eich, who is also a co-founder of Mozilla(Firefox) and also a Javascript creator, that pays you for installing it on smartphone and desktop.

brave browser logo

Coming to the main points - Does it really pays? Is it safe to install brave browswer on Smartphone?

First of all, there is no promotional intent to write this article. I just want to let you know this app if you are looking for money earning apps to make extra income. However, you are not going to make in thousands with this app, you could earn 4-5 dollar every month by just clicking on ads it pushes everyday.

When it comes to money-earning apps, it is essential to know whether an app is safe or not. It is not only trusted app but also comes up with the bunch of amazing features like ads-blocking, cookies blocking, brave rewards, etc.

It is very safe apps that you could install if you want to get rid of annoying ads and surf faster or want to earn extra money.

It is one of the best apps to earn pocket money. However, I can not guess how many BATS you can earn per month as sometimes it does not serve ads for many days, depending upon usage.

How does it work?

Brave gives their 70% of the ad revenue they receive from the advertisers to the users like you, all they need is your attention. They send you BAT (a digital currency) for viewing ads. However, these BATS are to support creators, you can withdraw these BATS rather than paying to site owners. All you need to create a wallet on Brave to redeem rewards. I'll discuss how you can redeem BATS from Brave browser.

Is Brave browser safe?

This is the most important question I would like to answer before we get into the earning section.

It has a high-level of security and privacy options, moreover,

brave browser logo

Steps to Earn Money with Brave browser

  1. Install Brave on Android/Desktop
  2. Click on ads and earn BATs
  3. Transfer BATs to uphold wallet
  4. Trade your BATs
  5. Step 1: Install Brave on Your Smartphone/Desktop

    Go to this page to download Brave browser. Launch the app and enable ads.

    Go to ads section under brave rewards and enable maximum ads per hour. You will find this option under ads setting.

    brave rewards setting

    Ensure that you have disabled auto-contribute option if you don't want to contribute the website owners. It is optional whether you want to contribute or keep total earning with you. Now you are done! You don't need to do anything, Brave will start serving ads soon.

    Step 2: Click the ads to Earn BATs

    You will receive ads on notification bar like this:

    brave browser ads
    brave browser ads

    Steps 3: Transfer the BATS to Uphold wallet

    So far you have earned a few BATS(dollars) and now you have to redeem this earning. On the redemption date, transfer the earning to Brave Publisher account and create a wallet. Don't you have a publisher account? Create a new account from here. using an email account. In last, link Uphold wallet to your publisher account to convert the BATs to USD/INR and transfer to your bank account.

    Here are a few tips to keep in mind

    • Browse more on this browser (it is ultra-fast and UI is eye-soothing) so they could serve the relevant ads to you

    • Once you start browsing with Brave browser, the ads will be started serving to you after analysing your history and browsing behaviour.

    Payment date

    They release payment monthly on 5th or 6th of the month. You can transfer the earning every month Uphold wallet (in-built wallet on Brave) and then transfer to bank account. There is a number of methods you can find on Google on how to withdraw money to bank account from Uphold wallet.

    brave payment date

    How to Create Brave Publisher acccount?

    Go to this page and create an account. Link your website or Youtube/ Twitch(mandatory to get verified account).

    Now your publisher account is ready. You will see an option link Uphold wallet. If you don't have Uphold account, you need not to worry, you can create a verified publisher account in a jiffy. Just click on link Uphold wallet and create a new acccount.

    When registring on Uphold, provide the correct details like Name, Date of Birth, etc.

    How to link uphold with brave browser

    You cannot withdraw earnings to the bank unless you link uphold wallet to your Brave publisher account. Also, if you want a brave referral link you must add the verified Uphold first to get a referral link.

    You can easily link Uphold with Brave in a few steps. Assuming, you already have a publisher account (create your account first if you don't have).

    • Login to your publisher account
    • Click to link uphold wallet
    • Register on Uphold and click on link wallet
    • The uphold wallet will be linked successfully, now you can convert the earned BAT with Uphold.

    What is Uphold wallet

    It is cloud-based digital wallet that lets you to exchange and transfer various types of currencies like Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, BAT, Litecoin, US Dollars, Euros, Silver, and Gold to bank account. You can send money, you can collect money with Uphold.

    So, when you earn BAT, Basic attention token by Brave, you cannot directly transfer to your bank account, hence, Uphold is a best solution to withdraw your earnings to your bank account.

    What is brave rewards?

    In Brave rewards program, you can earn money by watching ads. When you install Brave browser, you will be served random ads daily and when you see ads then they will some BAT (a currency by Brave) as a reward. This currency can be transferred to your bank account if you have an account on Uphold. You can create an account on Uphold using your Email & ID Proof.

    [Stopped]Refer & Earn

    Referral has always been a most favourable source for customers to earn money. With the refer and earn program, you promote the app and the brands’ pay for each referral.

    Final Words

    If you have a lot of time to browse ( and we browse throughout the day!) then you can make some cash through it. All you need to switch to Brave browse that pays you for browsing ads.

    You spend a lot of time browsing and surfing through applications called browsers. It might be a Chrome, Safari, Opera and any other browser. But Brave browser is a far ahead in terms of security and browsing experience. What's more, it pays you for watching ads. Isn't it amazing?

    This is one of the best apps to earn cryptocurrency without a single penny. I will soon post video tutorial to help you out. Post your queries here regarding brave browsing so I could explore more about it.


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