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Earn up to Rs. 29000/- Paytm Cash with Qureka App

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A few days back I was searching for apps that could help me get some money (Real cash!), thus, I came across an app called "Qureka" which is an Indian app for those who love to play quizzes. Qureka is developed by a Gurgaon based company. The best thing is that you can earn Paytm cash by playing a quiz on this app. However, I won't say that you would start earning in thousands/lacks, you would definitely win a tremendous amount of Paytm cash if you have a strong grip on a particular topic like cinema, history, general knowledge, geography etc.

There is a number of quizzes or contests you can find here and play for free. The more you score the more you win. In this article, I'll explain how could you win Paytm cash and also let you know about Qureka referral offer. Unlike other where referral is the only way to earn money, you can earn decent money by playing quizzes, prediction games & exam preparation quiz.

Additionally, you can earn Rs.10 Paytm on each successful referral. When a user downloads the app for the first time and enters your Qureka invite code, you will get Rs.10 Paytm cash. I'll spell out the Qureka referral offer in the following part of the article.

Qureka referal code: ANUBHA748964

  1. Download app from playstore

  2. Open the app, select the language and start registration

  3. Enter the mobile number that is linked with Paytm wallet (you will not able to change the mobile number once you enter)

  4. Enter the referral code ANUBHA748964

  5. Selct the city and complete the registration

  6. Woohoo! You have successfully registed on Qureka app

Now you have successfully registered on Qureaka. It's time to start learning Qureka to win contests.

Ways to Win cash on Qureka

You can find various types of quizzes and reward amounts. All quizzes are free here, you don't have to pay a single penny, but, you might have to invest coins to play certain quizzes.

How to earn coins on Qureka?

Earning coins on Qureka is straightforward. When you watch an advertisement you will get 10 coins. By doing so, you can earn thousands of coins to play any contest or quiz.

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Types of Quizzes on Qureka

Live Quiz Hourly Quiz

Live quiz In every half hour, starting from 9AM to 9PM, there will be live quizzes where you will be asked 5 or 10 questions. The question could be related to any topic like science, politics, technology, culture, etc. If you answer all question correctly then you will surely win cash depending on your position on the winning chart. However, questions are not quite tough here.

Hourly quiz You can these quizzes round the clock (24*7) and win as much as you can. The winner list gets announced every hour. You can select your favourite topic here like cinema, politics, geography, culture, etc. Here you don't need to be on the top rank to win money if you manage to score more decent rank still you will win prize.

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Hourly Quiz rules

qureka quiz rules

1. Live Quiz rules

You will be asked a minimum of 5 questions and a maximum of 10 questions in the live quiz. If the winning amount is big then chances are that you will be asked 10 questions and if winning amount is low (like Rs.5000), then you will be asked 5 questions. Sometimes they ask 7 questions depending upon the prize money.

2. Hourly Quiz rules

Here you will be asked 25 questions that you need to answer in 90 seconds. If you manage to answer more than 15 questions then there is a high chance to win prize money.

Earn up to Rs.29000 for free

This offer is for those who are good in referring app to the new user. Here you can earn up to Rs.29000 by referring Qureka to your friends. When a new user will join Qureka using your referral code, you will receive Rs.10 when she/he will complete his/her first game. Also, when they win, you will get 50% of their winning amount (this is applicable only on live quizzes).

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How to Withdraw money of Qureka

  1. Click on earning wallet
  2. You will see the detail of money you have earned through referral and games
  3. Click on transfer
  4. You will get your money instantly to the linked paytm wallet
  5. Make sure that you have linked the KYC verified paytm account