A Guide on How to Enter Referral Code in Google Pay


Use Google Pay referral code Bq8yi and get free cashback to your bank account. Here's how you can use the Google Pay referral code. A step-by-step guide on how to enter referral code in Gpay.

What is Google Pay?

Google Pay is a payment app that allows users to create UPI and make payments online and offline using UPI. It runs a lot of cashback offers for paying through Gpay.

How to Enter Referral Code in Gpay?

  1. Create an account: Create an account on Google Pay, you need an email ID and bank-registered mobile number to create an account.
    Enter your email ID and phone number. Allow the app to verify the phone number. It will send an SMS, and if your phone number is linked you will be prompted to choose a bank account.
    Choose the bank account, enter your debit card's last six digits and validity, OTP and create UPI Pin. And you are all set to use it.

  2. Use referral Code: Follow these steps to use the referral code on Google pay

    Tap on Menu(top-right corner)

    google pay homepage

    Again tap on the top-right corner

    google pay profile

    Click on the referral code and enter code Bq8yi

    google pay referral code

    Bingo! You have successfully used the Gpay referral code.

Now you have successfully used, the Google Pay referral code, now this is the time to make a payment to earn cash back. Google Pay will reward you when you use it for sending money using UPI.

Steps to Earn Cashback on Your First Payment

To earn cashback, you either need to select Scan any QR code or Pay UPI ID or number. Don't scan Paytm or Phonepe QR, find Google Pay QR or enter the Google Pay ID of your friend to send money. Send a minimum ₹1 and you will receive a scratch card containing ₹21 cash back. Go to the rewards section and scratch the card. The amount will be deposited into your bank account within a few seconds.

google pay send money

A Detailed Guide on How to Create an Account on Google Pay?

Read below to learn more about how to use the Google Pay referral code when registering on it. With the Google Pay referral code, you will receive bonus cash for free on your first transaction.

google pay

1. Register on Google Pay

  • Download the app from here (must download from this link to get free money in bank account)
  • You will see that you are invited click on Download Google Pay
  • Download and open the app and create an account
  • You need to have a bank-registered mobile number
  • Enter the phone number and proceed to next

  • Google Pay enter phone number

  • Select your Google account (if you have more than one account) and go to the next page
  • enter phone email google pay
  • Create a Pin or select lock-screen code to prevent Google Pay from unauthorised access
  • secure google pay

  • Verify OTP and complete the registration
  • Now the last step is to add a ❝bank account❞
  • Click on Add a bank Account, then select the bank which is linked with your phone number (Like Axis Bank, SBI, ICICI)
  • Now google pay will fetch the account that is registered with the phone
  • Click on account and enter debit card details(last 6 digits) to verify the bank account and create UPI
  • Create a pin that will be used to make payments through Google Pay
  • Remember that pin because once UPI is created, you need to use that pin to make payments online/offline
  • Now you are all set to make payment through Google Pay

2. Use the Google Pay referral code

Here's how to use the Google Pay referral code after creating an account on Google Pay to earn ₹21 for free in your bank account.

  • Click on the top-right corner (your profile icon) >> then click on the menu bar (top-right corner) to enter the referral code
  • google pay referral code
  • Enter the google pay referral code Bq8yi
  • Now send money ₹1 to anyone who is on Google Pay and get a complete transaction
  • You will receive ₹21 in your bank account within a few seconds
  • How to get Google Pay Referral code?

    Click on profile (top-right corner) and look for Invite and Earn. Here you will get your Google Pay referral code and referral link. Share the link or code with your friends and up to Rs. 9000 under the referral program. The referral amount will be added directly to your bank. When a new user will download the app using your link and use your referral code, you will receive the referral amount when he/she will complete his/her first-ever Google Pay transaction.

    How to get free money in Google Pay?

    Share Google as much as you can and by doing so you can earn up to Rs.9000 directly to your bank account. For each successful referral, you will be awarded Rs.21. The referral amount may increase or decrease further.

    Also, you can earn money on Google Pay by transferring money and making recharge or bill payments regularly. You will get Google Pay scratch cards consisting of random amounts from Rs. 1 to 100000.

    Is there any Google Pay scratch card trick?

    Google Pay has the highest level of security and as of now, there is no bug found. Therefore, no trick or hack is available there. It is advised not to use any trick as it may lead to a permanent account ban.

    How to create an account on Google Pay?

    Google Pay is a virtual wallet that features a UPI payment method. Therefore, it is mandatory to have a bank-registered mobile number on your phone and a Google account(you can create one anytime).

    1. Active bank account
    2. Bank registered mobile number

    If you have a bank account, you can start using Google pay wallet or create an account by downloading the app.

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