Google Pay 2020: Collect Stamps & Earn Gift worth ₹2020

Google Pay has come with a new offer, under this, you can earn up to ₹2020 by making payment and online transaction on Google Pay. Once you will collect all the 7 stamps and complete the cake, you will receive a gift worth up to ₹2020.

How to Collect All Google Pay 2020 Stamps

1). Pay ₹98 or more (Daily Limit 5)

Pay minimum ₹98 to any user, merchant, business, or spot and get a chance to earn 1 stamp per unique payee.

2).Recharge or Pay Bills (Daily Limit 5)

Make bill payment transaction of minimum ₹300 or recharge of atleast ₹98 on Google Pay and earn stamp.

3). Invite Friends on Google Pay

You will receive stamps by inviting new users on Google Pay. When the referred user will make his/her first-ever payment, you will receive a random stamp.

4).Gift or Request

Gift the stamps to your friens to earn stamps.

5).Use the Scanner

Scan the number 2020 anywhere to receive a stamp.

6). ANDROID DEVICE ONLYListen the On-Air Ads(Daily Limit 2)

Go to this link and then open the Google Pay app on your android device. Tap on On-Air icon and catch the ad. By this method you can earn maximum 2 stamps daily.