Hago Referral/Invitation Code : [20F6F1R] , Hago money plant is fake or real?

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This app doesn't seem genuine after inviting over 30 users, I have not received the referral credit to my paytm account. So, I would suggest don't waste your time and effort to promote this app. You are not going to get the referral credit.

There are tons of apps in play store that help you earn money for free. What if I tell you that you can money by playing games! Yes! There is an app Hago that lets you help earn money and exciting rewards with ease. You can find many ways to earn free rewards in Hago. Apart from this, you can make new friends, play live multiplayer games, and much more. In this article, you will know about Hago referral code offer and how you can earn paytm money by Hago money plant.

Though there are various ways to earn money or rewards (such as paytm cash, mobile phones etc.), Money Plant event is one of the ways to earn free Paytm cash. All you need to do is grow your plant as much as can so you can more paytm cash.

First of all, you have to download the Hago app using Hago referral code to avail extra benefits.

Hago Referral Link/Hago Referral Code 20F6F1R

  • Download the app from here
  • Register on it and swipe down on homepage
  • Look for Money Plant and tap on Invitation code
  • Enter the code 20F6F1R
  • Bingo! You have successfully redeemed the referral code

You will see the invitation code only for 48 hour so if you not enter the referral or invitation code within 48 hour of registrarion, you will not be able to enter the code after that. 

Upon registering on Hago, you will receive coins that you can use to play games and lucky draws. Hago coins are the way to earn real cash, win exciting prizes and rewards. You can use the coins to play the games and then utilize these coins on treasure hunter and lucky rewards.

Earn Paytm Cash on Hago

There are 2 ways to earn real money or rewards on Hago app:

  1. Hago Money Plant event
  2. Hago treasure Hunter

Using first method Hago money plant app you will surely earn paytm cash and with second method Hago treasure hunter you will get a chance to earn rewards such as smartphone, paytm cash etc.

Go to Money Plant event and grow your tree by using fertilizers and by watering it. You can get the water and fertilizers by daily activities and playing games. The more your tree will grow the more cash you will receive and you can grow the tree by watering and by using fertilizers.

How to get More Water You will receive the water everyday in morning, noon and evening. Apart from this, by playing games you can get the water. Also, you can share the link with your friends and when your link gets clicked, you will receive the water drops.

Ways to Grow Hago Money Plant

  • By Watering Every day you will receive water drops that you can use to grow your trees.
  • You can collect or steal money to your friends' garden
  • By Hago Coins Hago coins are another way to grow your tree, you can get water by hago coins, all you need to do is spin the lucky wheel and you will receive random rewards like water, fertilizer, Shield, etc. You can spin the wheel unlimited times. Each draw will cost 100 coins.

My Earning History

I just login everyday and receive money by money plant. 

Redemption Rules

The minimum redemption amount is ₹25 that one can get easily. All need to do is refer the app to someone so you can withdraw earned money into paytm wallet. 

When a new friend will join, you will able to ₹25 to your linked paytm wallet. The more you refer the more you will able to withdraw. Make sure that you are entering a correct mobile number.

How to Withdraw

Hago's Customer service

There is no separate platform to contact hago team, so if you are not getting the referral money just stop promoting the app. However, I ave received over ₹100 despite I have added more than 30 new and genuine users on Hago money plant. So, Don't waste your time because the money you are going to earn you will not receive.

Tap on withdraw and if someone has used your referral code then you will see the withdraw option there. Click on that and enter paytm registered mobile number & OTP and transfer the amount. One successful refer will entitle you to redeem ₹25.

How to Find/Get Hago Referral Code

Click on withdraw and then invitation code and copy your code. Share it with your friends. The more your tree will grow the more you will earn. In this way, you can get your Hago to refer code.

For any query, you can comment here regarding hago referral or know more about earning rewards and Paytm cash on hago.


Is there any Hago Money Plant Trick?

Many times I have heard users asking about Hago money plant trick that is really not a good thing to do. Use of any hack or trick will lead you ban on Hago and the referral money would not be sent to your paytm wallet.

My Hago money plant payment not received!

It has been a common question among several users. Don't worry, the money will get credited to your Paytm wallet within 15-30 days. The reason could be that they might check whether referral is genuine or fake that's why it would take some time.