MX Player Coins: Unlock Exclusive Content and Win Real Cash

Mx Player Invitation code: L160VGYX

Are you looking for MX player invitation code? Use the code L160VGYX and get free MX coins. Do you know what are MX coins and what are their usage? Read this article to know more abour MX coins.

With MX games, you can win both coins and real cash. Let's have a look at MX coins first.

1.What are MX Player Coins?

MX Player is one of the best media apps that do not only allow play major types of media filled but also lets you watch live tv and popular movies, TV shows, etc. Moreover, you can enjoy original content as well. Now a game section added where you can win real cash by playing games.

Do you know you can watch premium content for free as well on an MX player? Recently this popular app has got into making original content. Also, you can enjoy exclusive movies, TV shows, and much more on MX Player.

Along with the originals, you can watch some exclusive movies & shows that you might not find easily on the web.

The popularity of online media content is elevating and to allure the maximum number of customers MX player has introduced MX player coins.

What are MX Player Coins?

These coins are a way to get access to exclusive movies and vouchers available on MX players. As of now, you can use these vouchers only to watch movies and exchange for brands' vouchers.

Watch premium movies

mx player coins

Get Brands' voucher

redeem mx player coins

How to earn MX Player coins?

These coins can be earned thourgh referral, daily login, watching videos, etc. There are various ways to earn that you could check on coin section.

How to Use MX player Referral Code

  • Go to me section
  • Login or register on MX player
  • Click on coins and tap on apply an invitation code under earn section
  • Enter the MX referral or invitation code L160VGYX
  • You will get 100 coins by using invitation or referral code of someone