Refer Augmont App and Earn free 1G Silver on Each Refer

Referral program is an easiest way to earn free promotional cash, It is a easiest way to earn free rewards in which you can earn rewards by inviting friends, Here is an app called Augmont is offering free silver on signup & 2GM silver on referring.

Augmont, India’s biggest gold Refiner and Bullion Supplier/“Refining to Retailing” entity brings you the convenience of buying gold & silver directly from its refinery, ensuring that you buy gold & silver at the lowest prices possible.

Augmont refer and earn

  • Download Augmont App from play store
  • Launch App, Enter mobile number & Enter Refer code GZZ42385
  • Now enter Full Name, State & Pin Code and fill other details (optional)
  • Click on Secure Vault and to check your balance
  • You will receive 1G Silver on Sign Up
  • Refer app to your friends and earn 1GM silver on each successful refer

Refer & Earn

  1. Go to dashboard and Go to ❝Refer & Earn❞
  2. Click on Refer & Earn and share your refer code
  3. You and your friend get 1Gm silver instantly once your friend registers using your refer code.
  4. Refer and earn quantities is available for feliver at our doorstep.
  5. You can upto 25Gm silver through Invite.

How to redeem silver

You need to get your KYC dont to redeem amount in bank account or augmont wallet, For verification go to ❝Profile & Identity❞ and enter your personal details & Age must be 18+ and enter your PAN card number and submit, Once you successfully verify your details, You can redeem your silver balance under Transfer tab, Enter bank details and transfer balance directly bank account.

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