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What is Crownit app

Crownit is a genuine app to earn Paytm cash and win vouchers via surveys and games. It is an app that gives you varieties of prizes like Crowns, gift vouchers, and hosts daily and weekly contests to help you win amazing prizes including smartphone, Bluetooth speakers, Gift vouchers, iPhone, I-pad, and many more exciting rewards.

crownit win prizes

In addition to this, it offers free Paytm scratch card by taking part in Crownit surveys. As a customer, you can play games, upload bills, fill online surveys, win scratch card by taking surveys and various kinds of rewards on Crownit. I'll explain everything about Crownit if you don't know how to use this app.

There are 3 ways to win bounties on Crownit. I'll explain one by one. Let's understand first, how the Crowint works.

How Crownit works?

You all know that nothing can be obtained for free. When you will provide something beneficial to the company or app and they will pay you back. It's always two-way business. Crownit works in the same way, it is a market research firm, so does collects the users' data tracking your purchases and consumption using shopping bills. So, you provide your expense data, they will give you some pennies in the form of prizes, crowns, vouchers, Paytm cash.

There are three ways to win prizes or Paytm cash on Crownit:

  1. Play games
  2. Participate in weekly contest
  3. Answer the surveys

Upload Shopping Bills to win

Whehter you want to play games or participate in the weekly contest, you need to have shopping bill ready. When you upload a shopping bill, you will get a ticket (or you can say pass to enter the games or participate in weekly contests). You can play for 3 days when you upload a bill. It could be your grocery shopping bills, food delivery, restaurants, online shopping, grocery, cab, utilities, movie, fuel & more.

1. Play games and win Crowns

Crowns are like a point that you can redeem to get vouchers. You can earn these Crowns by playing games.

crownit crowns

2. Weekly Draw: A luck game

The second way to win prizes is to participate in weekly contest. You can get your weekly rush ticket(or you can say pass) to enter the contest by uploading a bill or taking a survey. With that pass, you can enrol yourself for the lucky draw where winners are selected randomly. You can win bumper prizes like iPhone XR, Foreign Trips, Shopping Vouchers, Google Chromecast & more. This is a luck game that you can try on Crownit.

Crownit survey: Earn Paytm cash

The last one and best way to earn extra money in the form of Paytm cash. I would recommend you to participate in Crownit survey to win assured Paytm cash. Most of the surveys are 10-15 minutes in length. With this method, you can win between ₹20-200 per survey and weekly rush tickets too.

crownit survey

Crownit referral code: piyusd884

If you are looking for Crownit referral code, use my referral code piyush884 when registering to get invitation bonus. The bonus reward changes from time to time.

Crowint Review

Crownit has now become a market research firm like Panel station, Indiaspeaks, that aids brands to understand audiences' behaviour for research purpose, analyzing consumer insights via survey, to product launch, market research, etc. It rewards customers for various activities and shares their data with popular companies. It is a genuine app and reputed market research agency. You could download this app and use if don't have any problem sharing your shopping bills. However, if you don't want to download the app there is another way to earn free Paytm cash in 2020 with Crownit feedback, a panel or page for survey only. You can read about the Crownit Survey here.

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