Crownit Lite Survey: Participate and Earn Free Paytm Cash

Additionally, you can download Crownit app to earn rewards by uploading bills, and participating in surveys. Download the app and use referral code ❝crown0svt❞ while registering on the app.

Crownit Lite is one of the trusted platform to earn side income by participating in surveys. The best part is that you will directly get money to Paytm wallet if you successfully complete the survey. There is no minimum amount to redeem. Even you can redeem ₹1 also. Read on to know more.

Let's understand how does Crownit Survey works?

Crownit Lite is a marketplace platform, probably the best platform for Indian users (so far I've tried a lot of platform to earn side income through surveys, Crownit Lite outperforms all of them) that rewards you for attending surveys. Once your survey is approved, you will receive winning amount to Paytm wallet direcly.

Crownit Lite

How to Join Crownit Lite

  • Open a new tab on your browswer and visit Crownit Lite
  • Enter basic details, such as name, age and other required details to proceed (remember put age, name and location correctly to increase a chance to get more survey opportunities)
  • Enter mobile number that is linked to Paytm wallet as the winning amount will directly be added to your Paytm wallet.
  • Attend survey and earn free Paytm cash.

Remember: Don't rush while attending surveys and put correct details. Providing incorrect information may lead to you being terminated from attending survey.Therefore, answer and provide your opiniton carefully. A survey may take around 10-30 minutes or more.

Crownit Rewards

crownit rewards
crownit rewards

Why Should choose Crownit?

There is so many platforms out there that you can choose to earn some pocket moeny without investing a single penny but one thing that makes Crownit Lite differnt from others is its payout program. It will not ask you to earn this much amount to withdraw. Every time your survey gets approved, you will be given random amount. Even you earn upto ₹350 per survey.

In addition to this, you don't need to install any app on your phone, you can directly attend survey by visiting webiste.

Crownit sends you survey through SMS, it means, you even don't need to check for survey again and again. You can dirctly attend survey or also choose not to participate.

Crownit sms

When you choose their prmotional, they may send you messages frequently, so that some users may find it quiet frustrating. You can contact them to stop sending you messgaes related to surveys. By doing so, you have to visit website and atttend survey manually.

Cons of Crownit Lite

With Crownit Lite survey program, you will receive messages to attend surveys frequently and each time you have to check if you are eligible for the survey to attend or not. Since each survay has a targeted user group, you are not entitled to attend all the surveys. Therefore, if you don't fall into the targeted users' category, you will be terminated instantly to attend the survey.

Paytm proof

crownit payment proof

What is Crownit App?

In addition to this, you can also download Crownit app to check your winning history and earn money by uploading shopping bills, playing games, filling online surveys, etc. Use Crownit referral code piyusd884 while registering if you are asked to use referral code.

Is it possible to earn money from surveys?

You can not earn much money from attending surveys, but you can earn around 400-500 a month by attending on Crownit. There are many platforms where you can find opportunities to earn money from surveys.

Does Crownit pay real money

The best thing about Crownit is that it directly sends money to your linked Paytm account irrespective of what amount you win. On the other hand, online survey market places such Indiaspeaks, Swagbukcs,etc. you will have to reach minimum redemption amount for redemption.

Crownit Lite vs Crownit

Crownit Lite is an online platform by Crownit only for attending surveys only. On the other hand, Crownit in an app where you can find more opportunities to earn rewards such as Paytm cash, gift cards, etc.