Reduce data usage on android phone using opera max

Opera max is data saving app that reduce your mobile data upto 50% by it's compressing feature,it compress video, photo and your website size that will help you to save data.Almost smartphone users use Internet on their phones and there is every app runs in background in android phone,these apps consume your data without using app.With opera max you can prevent apps to using your data.

Downlaod Opera max and save your data with its compression feature.Block apps for using background data and use more data.Some of the features are described here.

  • Data management monitor and control data usage of all apps and block app for using your background data.

  • Save data by it's compression feature access fast Internet and use more it can compress 10 MB video down upto 3 MB.

  • Block apps for accessing background data enabling this feature will prevent apps to notify you on real timing,so block unnecessary app not all apps,blocking app for running background conserves battery.

Extra tips to reduce data usage on android 
  • Reduce data usage on android chrome browser click on menu>setting>data saver(bandwidth managenent) and enable it to save your data.
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